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Invitation and Business Services

WIT Travel Services 我们与英国许多政府机构及组织建立了互相信赖的友好关系,先后组织国内政府官员及商业团体访问伦敦市政府,商会,伦敦投资局,中英贸易协会,英国农业部,环保署,英国民航局及政府官员。我们邀请并接待过高级政府代表团包括上海市政府代表团,浙江省苏州司法团,北京房山区委书记带队的政府团,北京房山区经济考察团,苏州红十字会团等。


WIT Travel Services 能为客户提供以下服务:

  • 联系安排公务邀请和公务拜访及会谈
  • 提供邀请函
  • 翻译
  • 国语.粤语及英语导游
  • 酒店预订
  • 用车
  • 观光游览



WIT Travel Services have established mutual trust and friendly relations with many British government and private agencies and organizations.  Through these relationships we have been able to arrange a host of business and travel services for our clients with important organisations in the UK such as London City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, the UK trade association, the British Ministry of Agriculture, EPA, the British Civil Aviation Authority as well as various local County and City Councils.  Our past clients includes delegations from the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Suzhou Justice Group, Suzhou Red Cross, Beijing Fangshan District Economic Mission Group and various other business groups.

WIT Travel Services able to provide the following services…

  • Introduce and arrange business meetings with goverment and or private organistions
  • Provide Invitation letter (subject to business meeting already being in place)
  • Interpreter Services
  • Mandarin, Cantonese & English speaking tour guides. 
  • Hotel bookings
  • Transportation
  • Sightseeing

If you are interested in our services please complete our Enquiry form, email or call us for further details.